Current & Upcoming Visitors

 We are looking for lunch or dinner hosts that will show these world leaders the hospitality and aloha spirit that makes our state so unique.  Below are details about upcoming visiting groups. 







* 10 visitors and 2 liaisons from Japan and the Republic of Korea, exploring issues in security issues on the Korean Peninsula are available for lunch or dinner April 27.

* 10 visitors and 3 liaisons from Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, exploring opportunities for collaboration among international regional organizations, are available for lunch or dinner May 23 or 24.
If you are interested in hosting one of these groups for lunch or dinner, please contact Erin Hoshibata at or at (808) 944-7783. Interested but can't accommodate an entire group?  Please still let us know and I may be able to split a group between several hosts.