Club Officers Get Ready for the School Year

September 01, 2018

Club Officer Workshops – or “COWs”– are an opportunity for student leaders from different schools to meet, network, and strategize on how to develop a strong club for the new school year. 33 students representing 18 PAAC Clubs on Oahu, Molokai, Maui, and the Big Island attended.

Together, club officers discussed and strategized for the coming semester:

     * How to recruit and retain club members
     * What activities and projects to pursue as a club
     * How to communicate effectively with members and advisors. 

Club officers practiced their “PAAC Pitch,” which many officers give at school assemblies or class sessions to encourage students to join their club.  New club officers were able to develop confidence and learn from veteran officers as they shared their experience and know-how. 

Club officers also learned about valuable resources available to help them with club activities:

     * Club Starter Kit- useful information and engaging activities for club meetings
     * PAAC’s Club Fund- each club is allotted $500 to complete Global Action Projects
     * PAAC’s Guest Speaker Program- community leaders will speak at a club meeting

Student Voices:

“Thank you so much for this!  I have a LOT of motivation, excitement, and ideas for my last year of PAAC!”

“I loved the workshop! I met many people, heard great ideas that I hope to incorporate into my own club, and I think that networking was the best part.”