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About the Program

PAAC’s Global Leadership Program (GLP) is an innovative, 7-month experience that provides a cohort of 20 students in grades 9-12 across Hawai‘i with opportunities to understand the complex systems surrounding the pressing global issues of our time. Students are empowered to contribute to a more peaceful, sustainable, and just world. 


What You'll Accomplish

The Global Leadership Program combines training in leadership skills with hands-on, place-based, virtual, and interactive opportunities to learn about global issues, explore the impact of those issues in Hawaiʻi, and map the systems that need to be addressed to impact change or contribute to sustainable solutions.


Students will explore global issues through multiple lenses: systems, community, ethics, and leadership. We will focus our study on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as we work to better understand the complex systems at play in local and global contexts. 


“Our goal is to develop youth leaders who are informed about global issues and are empowered to contribute to a more peaceful, sustainable, and just world,” said Niki Shishido, Executive Director of PAAC. “Students are exploring new ideas, building lasting relationships, and uncovering how they might make a real impact in a complex and connected world.”

Niki Shishido, Executive Director of PAAC



$1,000 International Travel Scholarship for Study Tours

With program completion, students will receive preference when applying to travel with PAAC on an international study tour in June 2023 and become eligible for a $1,000 travel scholarship. Possible destinations include South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and Switzerland (to be decided by PAAC). This will be a continuation of our GLP growth as well as an opportunity to connect with the larger PAAC community. Learn more.



Calendar of Events (Participation Required) 

  • Oct. 2-5  Leadership Summit/Camp 
    Oct. 22  GLP Virtual
    Nov. 5  GLP Field Study #1 - Nature-Based Systems
    Nov. TBD  Virtual Global Engagement Workshop (VGE) #1
    Dec. 10  Global Vision Summit -GLP (Oʻahu)
    Jan. TBD  VGE #2
    Jan. 14  GLP Field Study #2 - Social + Governance Systems
    Feb. 11  Global Visions Summit + WorldQuest -GLP (Oʻahu)
    Feb. TBD  VGE #3
    March 11  GLP Field Study #3 - Social + Economic Systems
    April 14  GLP Virtual- Showcase Prep
    April 29 TBC  GLP and Clubs Student Showcase


Program Components

The GLP is built around five components:  Leadership Camp, Field Studies, Global Vision Summits, Journey Map, and Student Showcase.   


Leadership Camp Summit: Four-day in-person on Oʻahu

The program kicks off with a 4-day Leadership Camp that affirms personal identity, deepens understanding of one's communication style, and refines leadership skills. 

  • heart Bond with your team Global Leaders team
  • heart Develop your leadership and communication toolbox
  • heart Introduction to Systems Thinking
  • heart Introduction to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • heart Introduction Leadership models


Read more about the 2018 Leadership Camp here.


Field Studies: Three in-person meetings on Oʻahu

Students meet on three Saturdays during the school year to participate in workshops built around one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and systems thinking. 

  • yes Engage in field studies that showcase the UN Sustainable Development Goals as we see them reflected in Hawaiʻi
  • yes Meet local and global leaders working toward innovative solutions 


Workshops have focused on: Civic Engagement, Renewable Energy, Modern Slavery & Media Literacy, Urban Planning, and Sustainable Business Practices


Global Vision Summit (GVS): Two in-person events on Oʻahu

Global Vision Summits are PAAC’s interschool conferences open to all high school students interested in global issues. Learn more.

  • enlightened Explore current international issues at our statewide convenings.
  • enlightened Build empathy through our PAAC Simulations

Virtual Global Engagement (VGE): Three virtual meetings

  • mail Connect with partners around the world to learn how they experience the UN SDGs in their communities
  • mail Consider the systems at play and how we might make change locally or globally

Journey Map of Learning Experiences:

  • cool Record the growth of your foundational knowledge in the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • cool Document your growth in leadership, communication and interpersonal skills
  • cool Reflect on your journey to understand systems thinking and systems mapping
  • cool Share your experience in a year-end Student Showcase 


Student Showcase:

Our Global Leaders, our club leaders and our community will come together to share and learn. Students will share their Journey Map, while clubs will share their club projects. 


Required Application Materials:


Reflections from Past Participants 



Quotes from Participants: 

“I’ve learned a lot about myself, and how much my voice matters. GLP really allowed everyone to open up and express how they truly feel. It was important that our opinions were heard and recognized.”
"Before starting this program I was a naive 16 year old, and now I am a naive 17 year old with even more curiosity about the world. If there is one thing I will take away about the world, it is that it is much, much, much, more complex than I could ever fathom... The actions and thoughts and words of a person living in the United States can impact an individual living half-way across the world." 
"I’ll never forget the bonds I’ve made through this program. Aside from the knowledge necessary to become an active global citizen, I’m also taking away lifelong friendships."
"This program presents so many eye opening experiences to one's personal development, that it becomes an undeniable fact that every member of the cohort was able to be more passionate and understanding about the things that are happening around them because they have found the value that they have and how their value can benefit those around them."
"Before the Global Leadership Program, I had always been curious about the world, but intimidated by the complexities of global politics and doubtful of my ability to take action with meaningful impact. My experiences in the program have taught me how to make impactful choices, whether with my dollar at a grocery store or advocating at the Capitol Building."


Mahalo Program Sponsors:

City and County of Honolulu

PAAC Community of Donors