PAAC Global Leadership Program



About the Program

Started in 2015, PAAC’s eight-month Global Leadership Program (GLP) develops youth leaders who are informed about global issues and empowered to contribute to a more peaceful, sustainable, and just world. The program combines training in leadership skills with hands-on, place-based, and interactive opportunities to learn about global issues, explore the impact of those issues on Hawaiʻi, and contribute to solutions. 


In 2020-2021, we redesigned this program and made it fully virtual. In collaboration with partner organizations, Ceeds of Peace and HawaiiKidsCAN, we offered Youth Action Alliance Hawaii, a 7-month, virtual program for 30 Hawaii high school students interested in advocacy, taking action on issues in their community, and gaining a global perspective.


For the 2021-2022 academic year, due to the current circumstances of the pandemic, GLP will take on a new form. PAAC plans to deliver components of GLP directly to our clubs. We are excited to learn and grow together with students as we scale this initiative.  As we move forward, we will share our successes with our PAAC 'ohana. 


PAAC’s Global Leadership Program is built around five components:  Leadership Camp, Global Awareness Workshops, Global Vision Summits, Global Action Projects, and Travel Experience.  


Leadership Camp

The program kicks off with a 4-day Leadership Camp that affirms personal identity, deepens understanding of one's communication style, and refines leadership skills. Activities utilize self-reflection, creative expression, and group discussion to encourage personal growth and self-discovery.  The leadership camp also familiarizes students with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and lays the groundwork for students to begin thinking about their Global Action Projects.  Ropes courses and team-building activities help students to form strong bonds and develop a social support network from the start of the program. 
Read more about the 2018 Leadership Camp here.


Global Awareness Workshops
Students meet on four Saturdays during the school year to participate in workshops built around one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Past Global Awareness Workshops have focused on: Civic Engagement, Renewable Energy, Modern Slavery & Media Literacy, Urban Planning, and Sustainable Business Practices


Global Vision Summits (GVS)
Global Vision Summits are PAAC’s interschool conferences open to all high school students interested in global issues.  Global Leadership students will attend two Global Vision Summits and may be asked to take on leadership roles to facilitate conference activities.  Learn more.


Global Action Project (GAP)
Students undertake a capstone project, or Global Action Project (GAP), that addresses an issue that matters to them.  PAAC has partnered with Ceeds of Peace, a local non-profit organization raising peacebuilding leaders. Ceeds of Peace will help students develop their GAPs and provide guidance throughout the school year to support students in successfully carrying out their projects. See examples of past student projects here.


Study Tours
Traditionally, upon successful completion of the program, each student is guaranteed a $1,000 PAAC travel scholarship for designated PAAC study tours. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year we are not able to commit to Study Tours, but we are designing a virtual experience for 2022. Past study tour destinations include the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, China, and Bali (Indonesia). Learn more.



Reflections from Past Participants 

“GLP has not only made me a better leader, but a better person.”


"Before starting this program I was a naive 16 year old, and now I am a naive 17 year old with even more curiosity about the world. If there is one thing I will take away about the world, it is that it is much, much, much, more complex than I could ever fathom... The actions and thoughts and words of a person living in the United States can impact an individual living half-way across the world. " 


“The Global Leadership Program has allowed me to recognize that though I am just one person, it is possible for me to make an impact on the world... I have become more worldly, confident, and committed person because of PAAC.”


“I’ve become more aware of my words, thoughts, and actions, and of the world we live in. GLP has encouraged me to read the news more, be more aware of my role as a global citizen, and to care about what happens in the world and what I can do to help.”


Mahalo Program Sponsors:

Atherton Family Foundation

City and County of Honolulu

McInerny Foundation