'Indonesia: Sea of Islands' Workshop for Teachers

October 01, 2016

The second successful collaboration between PAAC and the East-West Center Arts Program took place over a day and a half in September, with the K-12 Teacher Workshop on Indonesia.

Often overlooked, Indonesia is a strategic partner of the United States and Hawaii. A duo of especially astute experts on the archipelago, Professors Barbara and Leonard Andaya, presented a fascinating historical overview and the spiritual/religious roots of the country.

A series of authentic hands-on experiences enriched the teachers’ knowledge of Indonesia. It included sitting at the UH Balinese Ensemble instruments and actually playing drums, gongs, and various percussion instruments. The second morning began with a Balinese water blessing, but not before all participants donned Balinese sarong and head scarves. A teacher from Lunalilo Elementary presented a puppet lesson that he created after a trip to Indonesia. He shared several adaptations to the lesson encouraging teachers to try it in their classrooms.

The teacher workshop finished with a dance performance by UH Manoa students of Balinese dance and a Balinese dinner feast.

PAAC hopes to continue these teacher workshops with the East-West Center Arts Program next 2017-2018 school year, with a fall and a spring workshop.