New Adventures Await: PAAC's 2024 Travel Scholarship Recipients

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Over the past 20 years, PAAC has awarded $1.4 million in scholarships for 70 study tours in Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Tahiti.

We are excited to share that this June PAAC will be running two summer study tours!

All students selected for these Study Tours went through a rigorous application process including submitting an essay, transcripts, and either participating an interview or submitting a video/audio response. The students also had to obtain teacher recommendations and fill out a parent form to be considered for scholarships. They were evaluated based on their enthusiasm, academic commitment, engagement with PAAC programs, desire to learn about global issues, and potential impact the study tour would have on the their own personal and professional development. 


Freeman Summer Study Tour - Japan

Under the theme "Creating Connections Across Generations," 20 students from 12 schools across four islands will embark on a journey through Tokyo, Kyoto, Himeiji, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka.  Our students will be visiting several shrines and temples, participating in cultural activities, doing a homestay with a Japanese high school student, eating delicious food and building a community with one another. Ms. Rosa Bell (James Campbell High School) Shiloh Francis (Hawaii Technology Academy - Waipahu) will be chaperones on the Study Tour. 

The purpose of this Study Tour is to help Hawaii high school students be immersed in Japanese history, politics, and culture while strengthening their leadership skills and multi-generational networks. This trip is meant to inspire students to learn more about Asia and to gain the confidence to travel, study, and live abroad in the future. Students will be challenged to think about ways past historical events affect our present to foster peace and as future stewards of Hawaii/US-Japan relations. This will also be unique opportunity for our students and the students they will meet in Japan to participate in cross-cultural exchange.  

Special thanks to The Freeman Foundation for providing merit- and need-based scholarships to most student travelers and Mr. Ray Tsuchiyama, PAAC Board Governor and a proud Farrington HS PAAC alum for his support of this program.

Freeman Summer Study Tour 2023 (Korea) & 2024 (Japan) scholarship recipients (L to R - Row 1: Lisa Mauricio, Lilinoe Quitazol, Sophia Findley, Jade Tonaki; Row 2: Hayden Tonaki, Ari Romualdo, Owen Nakagawa, Bo Lasher, Ella Bosworth, Emily Kawamura, Julie Matsumoto, Kamakea Wright, Kaniela Spalding, Marc Russell Garcia, Micah Salvatera) pictured at PAAC's Student Showcase with Chaperone Ms. Shiloh Francis and PAAC Board Governor Mr. Ray Tsuchiyama.

Media and Journalism Study Tour - Philippines

In partnership with the East-West Center, four students from four public schools across three islands will participate in the International Media Conference alongside journalists, policymakers, and thought leaders from around the world. From reporting on climate change to learning about the impact of AI on elections, students will be able to explore careers in global media while also going to Intramuros and doing a service activity at Bahay Tuluyan. Ms. Elizabeth Shiraki (Farrington High School) will be the chaperone for this Study Tour. 

Media & Journalism Study Tour Travel Scholarship Recipients (L to R: Yeon Jae Kim, Lisa Mauricio, Lilinoe Quitazol and Francine Joy Jimenez), pictured at PAAC's Student Showcase.

Thanks to the support of The Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Foundation and the State of Hawaiʻi Grant-in-Aid program, all student travelers are receiving scholarships to participate.

Congratulations to all our student travel scholarship recipients! We look forward to seeing them learn, grow and represent Hawaii abroad!