After-School Classes



After-School Classes: “Connect to the World”

PAAC's after-school classes expose students to critical global events of our time and challenge students to create real solutions for these issues.  The class consists of innovative simulations, discussions, group projects, role-play, speakers, field trips, and a service-learning project called the Global Action Project (GAP).  Currently PAAC offers ten after-school global studies classes spanning Hawaiʻi Island, Kauaʻi, and Oʻahu.


The curriculum is designed to specifically help students meet the learning goals of Hawaiʻi’s Department of Education Social Studies standards. Examples of curricular themes this year include: caring for our ocean world, global food safety, climate change, Asian philosophies, and diaspora. Students who enroll in the class can earn one half credit in Social Studies each semester. 


Global Action Projects (GAPs)

Students in PAAC’s after-school classes are required to carry out GAPs each semester, linking the study of a global issue locally. Students explore the root causes of a particular problem in the community; relate it to the global issues which they have studied; and then plan and implement a project. GAPs are not limited to after-school classes, as PAAC clubs also coordinate service projects.


View pictures of the 2016-2017 Global Action Projects in our Gallery, and read articles about the classes' latest projects in our e-newsletter.


After-School Mandarin Chinese Language Classes

Mandarin Chinese is designated as a critical language by the U.S. Department of State because of the critical role it plays in national security and economic prosperity.  It is also the most widely spoken first language in the world with nearly 900 million native speakers and over a billion speakers total.  PAAC supports offering this critical language to Hawaiʻi schools that do not currently offer it in their course selection.  Farrington and Mililani High School’s After-School Mandarin Chinese Language Classes have both successfully been piloted by PAAC. 


Want PAAC at your School?

If you are interested in having Global Studies or Mandarin Chinese offered as an after-school class at your school, please contact us at


Student Voices:

“Since I started this class, I am actually paying more attention about the things that are going on around the world. I’m always watching the news now.”
– Waipahu After-School Class student


“The global issue I learned most about is microplastics. I had no idea how big of a problem it was and how it affects the food chain, including humans.
-ʻAiea After-School Class student


“I found out how important it is to learn about the world. If I want to change the world, I would first have to find out more about it.”
– Campbell After-School Class student