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*Our traditional programming has been impacted due to COVID-19. We will not be offering study tours to Hawai’i high school students interested in studying abroad during the 2021-2022 school year.  However, PAAC is offering Hawai'i high school students a variety of opportunities to continue learning about critical global issues and developing 21st century skills- all online. Learn more about our virtual learning opportunities.


Over the past 15 years, PAAC has awarded $1.4 million in scholarships for 70 study tours in Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Tahiti. Our study tours emphasize hands-on learning, building friendships, and taking part in enriching cultural activities.  Learn more about these study tours below.


PAAC trips are ideal for both seasoned and first-time travelers: our pre-tour preparation, dedicated chaperones, and tried and tested itinerary make it easy to relax in a brand new environment.  Questions? Contact Tyler Fujita, Study Tours and Global Engagement Director, at, or (808) 944-7784.

Bali Summer Study Tour 

Spend 10 days in Bali, Indonesia on the trip of a lifetime to learn about environmental sustainability and community development. You will learn about the relationships between food, health and sustainability, discovering the ways you can make a difference and mālama ‘āina at home and abroad. Read more.

Vietnam Summer Study Tour

Spend 15 days diving into Vietnam’s vivid history and culture by exploring the city life in urban Hanoi, trekking through the mountains of Sapa to meet ethnic minority groups, and visiting the historic sites in Hoi An and the ancient capitol city of Hue. Read about the 2015 Study Tour. 

Philippines Study Tour

Spend 9 days in urban Manila and rural Bulacan on this immersive study tour, where you will have an up-close look at how Filipinos are fighting to make life better for their communities. This study tour is recommended for students who are eager to make a positive impact in their own neighborhoods and schools. Read more.

 Japan Study Tour

Spend 15 days in Japan, as you travel across Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Niigata visiting historical sites and exploring Japan’s rich cultural destinations. This immersive experience includes trips to Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Museum, Harajuku, castles, shrines, temples, and local high schools. Read more.

Tahiti Study Tour

For students engaged in perpetuating native Hawaiian culture, spend 9 days in French Polynesia (Tahiti) to deepen your understanding of our ties to Tahiti. The trip centers on face-to-face exchanges that allow students to experience Tahitian culture and language firsthand while also sharing several hula, mele, and oli. Read more.


What People Are Saying

“This whole experience for me as a parent was amazing. To be a single parent and have this opportunity to provide my child with a lifetime of memories, is the best feeling ever. Me and my daughter will remember this forever.”

~Parent Testimonial

“I am usually the person standing in the background watching other people do amazing things that I wanted to do. This trip proved all my doubts wrong. After doing this trip, I feel empowered and brave to put myself out there. I feel that maybe I am ready to do the things I always dreamed of doing.”

~Student testimonial, Aiea High School c/o 2018

“She (Erica, former PAAC Study Tour Director) has gone above and beyond many times for me. As a parent, with your daughter in a foreign country, miles and miles away, there is nothing more comforting to know that your daughter is in good hands. For that, I will forever her indebted to her.”

~Parent Testimonial