2023 Tangen Awardee: Sophia Findley


Sophia Findley, Hawai‘i Technology Academy (HTA) Junior 

- PAAC Club Co-President -

- 2023 Eddie Tangen Awardee -


Sophia is the president of the Hawai‘i Technology Academy (HTA) Korean Club and the HTA National Honor Society. She maintains a 4.28 GPA with Early College and Advanced Placement classes. As a sophomore, she was one of eight students who participated in PAAC’s Virtual Vietnam Film Festival with STEC Dien Ban in a Student Exchange Ambassadors program. Sophia was asked to be PAAC’s student keynote speaker at the 2022 Annual Gala. 


This year she led her PAAC Club to create three Global Action Projects, bringing awareness to a global issue while addressing and exploring the issue locally. She is consistently involved with PAAC, attending all events, supporting event planning, and providing volunteer support. 


Sophia states, “Understanding global affairs is like learning to dance [...] To dance you must move, just as every global citizen must act.[...] ‘Global affairs’ is a fascinating and complicated dance. Throughout my journey, PAAC has been teaching me the steps, helping me pursue global understanding in high school, college, and my future career, so that I may join the dance of world affairs.”