K-12 Teacher Workshops


Planning is underway for the return of in-person K-12 Teacher Workshops for the 2022-2023 school year.  Please stay tuned!  You may email Merle Grybowski at asc@paachawaii.org to receive updates.


PAAC's K-12 Teacher Workshops are developed in partnership with the East-West Center Arts Program and are open to all primary and secondary school teachers statewide.  These workshops are designed to support, inspire, and equip Hawaii's teachers with globally-themed curriculum ideas, classroom skills, and community resources necessary for their and their students' success.  Workshops include lessons in curriculum development, hands-on cultural activities, and exchange with fellow teachers and community experts.  Workshop themes often coincide with ongoing East-West Center Art Gallery exhibits.


Please contact Merle Grybowski at asc@paachawaii.org for more information about upcoming workshops. 


Past Teacher Workshops

Puppetry in the Classroom

30 K-12 teachers from three islands experienced a rich line-up of trainings at the “Puppetry in the Classroom” workshop on April 5-6. Hands-on and interactive sessions led by experts guided teachers on a puppetry  “tour” throughout Hawaiʻi, India, Indonesia, Japan, and other destinations and cultures of the Asia-Pacific. Read More.


Preserving Cultural Legacies

26 teachers representing 20 K-12 schools on four islands converged for an action-packed weekend to learn about effective methods in the preservation of cultural traditions and knowledge. Participants learned about oral and photo history, enjoyed a guided tour of China Town, and tried their hand at taiko, and o-bon dancing. Teachers were also provided with activity ideas to replicate in their classrooms. Read More.


Teacher Voices

"This was, by far, the BEST [professional development] experience I've ever been a part of.  I came away with so much more knowledge, ideas, and inspiration for my classes!  It also helped me to see India in a new light: Prior to this workshop, I thought India would be a place I'd never want to visit, but now I'm absolutely eager to travel there one day.  I especially loved being able to network with other teachers and learn first-hand from the experts themselves.  What an incredible opportunity this was and I'm definitely looking forward to the next workshop!" 
- Hawai’i DOE teacher


“Thank you very much for the workshop on Turkey. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to attend a well-run, informative, and rewarding event like this. I am frustrated by workshops that I feel I could have learned more by reading an article in fifteen minutes. This Turkey workshop will/did/has energized teachers, and improved our understanding of that country, and serves a higher mission.”
-Hawai’i DOE teacher