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King Kekaulike PAAC Global Book Club


About Clubs: 

PAAC clubs represent the traditional form of PAAC's outreach into high schools. Many clubs are student-initiated and driven. The overall goal is to increase club members' awareness of international affairs. Clubs participate in PAAC-sponsored events such as inter-school conferences and competitions and tailor the program to meet the needs of their school. If you are interested in having a PAAC club at your high shcool, contact us at or at (808) 944-7759. 


Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about PAAC clubs. 

2022-2023 Update on Clubs:

We are excited to start this new academic year with our clubs. Last year the work was to renew clubs in a mostly virtual format, and this year we look forward to a return to more in-person convenings, like our Global Vision Summits and Academic WorldQuest, where clubs can get together and learn collectively. We still offer many of the great virtual programs we created as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As our schools and community continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, PAAC returns to one of its primary missions, mobilizing school communities through PAAC Clubs.

Here are some of the ways we work with clubs!


  1. 1. Sustainable Development Goals Curriculum: We have taken our open source curriculum suite on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and created a new Google Classroom exclusively for our registered, active clubs. With the support of our amazing Teach for America Fellow, Aly Decolati, we have taken our favorite lessons, updated them, and refreshed how students engage with the materials. This allows advisors to step back and allows students to leader their clubʻs learning! 
  2. 2. Guest Speaker Program: Want to learn more about food security? North/South Korean relations? Power Women in Singapore? Invite a guest speaker to your club meeting! PAAC can connect you with professionals in diverse fields who are willing to come to your school to share their knowledge and experience. Contact Roya Dennis at for more information. Review list of speakers here
  3. 3. Virtual Global Engagement: PAAC is excited to offer new ways to build international connections with peers and partners overseas. Last year, PAAC joined forces with Earth Company (based in Bali) to host a three part workshop series on changemaking in Southeast Asia. Learn more here.  We will continue to develop this pathway and window into our global community.
  4. 4. Global Vision Summits (GVS): Our engaging Summits are back in-person this year! PAAC’s inter-school GVS conferences tackle some of our most pressing global issues. Meet and learn from other students across Hawai‘i and network with well-known speakers and leaders.Fall GVS: Dec. 10, 2022; Spring GVS: Feb. 11, 2023. Learn more here.
  5. 5. Academic WorldQuest Competition: Academic WorldQuest is a global trivia competition paired with GVS in February. The winning team will earn a trip to represent Hawaiʻi in the National Competition in Washington, D.C.! WorldQuest will be held on Feb. 11, 2023. Learn more here
  6. 6. Distinguished Club Awards: PAAC challenges its clubs to distinguish themselves by setting goals relating to participation, community impact, and reporting. Clubs that reach any one of the three tiers will receive awards and be recognized. Plus, we have added new prizes to the mix! This is not a ranking of the "best" clubs; rather, we hope clubs will work together in a spirit of friendly competition and collaboration to reach their club goals. Learn details here.
  7. 7. International Travel: PAAC’s international travel program returns in Summer 2023! Study tours emphasize hands-on learning, building friendships, and taking part in enriching cultural activities. Get your passports ready and stay connected to learn more!


Congratulations to PAAC clubs at Kealakehe, Maui, King Kekaulike, Hawaii Technology Academy, Farrington, Sacred Hearts Academy, St. Andrew’s Priory, and Waialua High School who earned the title of Distinguished Clubs of the Year for the 2021-2022 school year! Read more here. 


PAAC Club Fund


PAAC has established a PAAC Club Fund to support clubs to:

1. Undertake Global Action Projects (GAP) that make a positive impact on the local community.

2. Learn about international affairs, other countries and cultures, and global issues.

3. Increase club membership and participation. 


Requests for funding are limited to $200 unless a larger sum can be justified. Requests must be submitted before the proposed activity/project takes place and require PAAC's approval before funding is granted.


Download the PAAC Club Fund Request Form and Example Proposal and Report



Paul S. Honda Scholarships:

The late Paul S. Honda, a distinguished member of PAAC’s Senior Advisory Council, established an endowment for this scholarship fund to promote Asian Studies and International Studies in higher education.  Every academic year, four $1,000 scholarships are given in his name to graduating seniors who have demonstrated a desire to pursue Asian Studies, International Affairs, or a related field at the post-secondary level, and have been actively involved in PAAC.   


Eddie Tangen Award:

The legacy of Eddie Tangen, a pioneer in the development of Hawaiʻi’s labor movement and past member of PAAC’s Board of Governors, is honored with a $300 award given yearly in his name to one student in grade 9, 10, or 11 who has demonstrated interest in international affairs and is actively involved in PAAC.


Congratulations to the 2022-2023 Scholarship Winners:

  • Mana Iketani,  Kalani High School, Paul S. Honda Award
  • Braden Lee, ʻIolani School, Paul S. Honda Award
  • Ella blu Pakele, Sacred Hearts Academy, Paul S. Honda Award
  • Aurora Morales-Middleton, King Kekaulike High School, Paul S. Honda Award
  • Eric Gee, Kealakehe High School, Eddie Tangen Award