Global Vision Summits


What is a Global Vision Summit?

  • Once a year PAAC holds an inter-school summit, bringing together public, private, charter, and home school students to gain insight on and discuss key international issues. Summit themes are often introduced through simulations and role-play activities, giving youth the chance to step into the shoes of world leaders to better understand the complexities of global issues. Past summit themes have included refugees, the South China Sea, microfinance, human trafficking, pandemics, and homelessness. Students are also provided meaningful opportunities to explore careers by listening to presentations and roundtables with professionals from international and local organizations.  


For Academic Year 2023-2024, read more below:

December 2, 2023 - Global Vision Summit: Nuclear Diplomacy 

Hear what PAAC students at Hawaiʻi Technology Academy are saying about GVS!


Mini Global Vision Summits

  • PAAC offers periodic virtual summits on various global issues and their impact in Hawai'i. Mini-GVS can feature interactive simulations, guest speakers, and other activities. Clubs and schools can contact us directly to arrange a Mini-GVS for your school community. Roya Dennis, 


Virtual Simulations

PAAC can facilitate interactive simulations for your school, class, or PAAC club. We are currently offering four simulations on topics such as climate change, food security, and global inequality. Maximum 35 students per simulation. Learn more here.




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