The Ultimate Guide to the Coolest Clubs in Hawaiʻi: High School Edition!

Tuesday, January 30, 2024


Greetings, Supporters and Students of PAAC!
We get it – reports can be a bit of a snooze sometimes, but not this time around!
Get ready for a thrilling adventure as we unveil the top high school clubs in Hawaiʻi that are acing recruitment and spreading fantastic vibes wherever they go. Fasten your seatbelts because we're about to embark on a journey through the exciting universe of student clubs that are turning the mundane into the extraordinary!

1. The Recruitment Rumble

Punahou - The Recruiting Titans

Punahou's on fire with 80 members, and get this – 54 of those rockstars were recruited just this year! They're basically the Avengers of club recruitment.

Moanalua - The Power 30

Moanalua may be small in numbers with 30 members, but don't let that fool you. They brought in 25 fresh faces this year! That's some serious recruitment magic happening there.

Hawaiʻi Techonlogy Academy (HTA) - The Dream Team

HTA stands strong with 30 members, and guess what? They reeled in 15 new members this year, making them the cool kids on the block.


2. The Superstar Clubs on the Move

HTA - Where Dreams Come True

HTA isn't just about numbers; they're out there changing the world! This year, they're working on not one but two epic Global Action Projects:
  • 1. Paper Cranes for Peace: Folding 1000 cranes to spread peace vibes in Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor. Double the cranes, double the impact!  Learn more about Paper Cranes for Peace here.

  • 2. Honu Free Library: Turning the love for books into a force for good by collecting and reading to kiddos. Learning and giving back? Count us in!

Kealakehe High School - The Debate Dynamo

Kealakehe High School isn't just a club; it's a powerhouse of critical thinkers and debate aficionados. At their Civics Education Policy Forum (CEPF), they tackled issues from the local to the global stage. Plus, they're regulars at the NHSMUN in NYC – the United Nations of high school awesomeness!
Details: Check out these power topics for CEPF: 1. Local Level: Reducing the Effects of Fentanyl in Hawaii on the Big Island. 2. State Level: Student Intellectual Property. 3. National Level: Limiting the Power of the US Judiciary Branch - Case Study: Roe v. Wade. 4. International Level: Governments Should Provide a Universal Basic Income.

Farrington High School - The Intentional Innovators

Farrington doesn't just raise funds; they raise the bar! With their MyIntent necklaces and bracelets, they raked in $600 for Maui. Plus, they're tackling big issues like climate action, health & wellbeing, and sustainable communities. Oh, and did we mention they have their own PAACasts? Tune in for some global issue talk!
Details: They participated in Homecoming events, Kalihi Christmas Parade, and wrapped up the season with a service/fundraiser for Hallmark in Ala Moana.



3. The Environmental Warriors

Mighty Recyclers - ʻAiea HS

Led by their fearless new leader, Thomas Pak, the Mighty Recyclers at ʻAiea HS are on a mission to save the planet. They've upgraded from makeshift recycling cans to sturdy wood, and they've got the Eagle Scouts backing them up. High fives for practicing the 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Details: They partnered with Eagle Scouts to replace makeshift recycling cans with sturdy wood, ensuring a lasting impact.

Green Thumbs - St. Andrew's: The Priory

St. Andrew's: The Priory knows how to plant seeds of change! With 5 garden beds, they're growing sustainable communities, taking climate action, and providing fresh produce for their cafeteria. They even got the 1st graders involved – talk about sowing the seeds of the future!
Details: They involve younger grades in their fight for zero hunger, climate action, and sustainable communities. The watering system involves members signing up to care for the plants every week.


Small But Mighty - Honolulu Waldorf School (HWS)

HWS might be small, but they're making big waves. From Renewable Energy in Hawaii to Women in Global Government, these students are tackling UN SDGs with style. They're not just about debates; they're getting hands-on with local legislative processes and educating others. You go, Small But Mighty!
Details: They carried out a lesson about the Children’s Youth Summit (CYS) for the HWS middle school, covering the basic structure of Hawaii’s legislative branch.


The Eco WarriorsWaialua High School

Waialua High School is on a mission to spread awareness about climate change. From hosting sustainable Christmas crafts to cleaning up Kaʻena Beach, these guys are proving that small actions lead to big impacts. Who said saving the planet couldn't be fun?
Details: They participated in their school craft fair day, hosting a table with questions about sustainability/climate change/SDGs and entered names into a raffle drawing for correct answers. They also partnered with their Ecology club for a community craft fair and participated in a Kaʻena Beach Cleanup GAP project.

Marsh RestorersRoosevelt HS & Punahou School 

Joining the ranks of our Environmental Warriors, Roosevelt HS, and Punahou School formed an unbeatable alliance this fall. Their joint mission: clear and restore a marsh, eradicating invasive species and ensuring accurate data for the native bird survey team. Two workdays down, a world of impact to go!
Details: Together, they successfully cleared a 10x56 ft area of invasive plants and tree stumps, proving that the power of partnership extends far beyond the classroom.

4. The Instagram Legends

Get ready to meet the clubs that are not only rocking the real world but also slaying it on the digital front. From Instagram OGs to the new kids on the block, let's dive into the online realm of Hawaii's high school clubs!
Aiea & Farrington - The OGs

Talk about social media royalty!

Aiea and Farrington have been holding it down on Instagram since August 2016 – that's almost a decade!  These clubs are the pioneers of the PAAC Instagram game, and we're here for it.

New to the IG Scene:

  • Kealakehe, Maui High, Konawaena, Roosevelt, Waipahu High, Campbell, Kaiser
  • Welcome to the Instagram party, newbies! These clubs might be fresh on the gram, but they're ready to bring their A-game. Get ready for some epic posts, stories, and donʻt forget to tag @paachawaii


Most Frequent Posters:

  1. KKHS (King Kekaulike High School): 150 total posts since inception, averaging 2-3 posts per month. These guys are practically Instagram wizards!

  2. Farrington HS: Not only OGs but consistent players too, with 121 total posts since inception, averaging 2-3 posts per month. They're the masters of staying relevant!


5. Clubs on a Mission: UNSDG Edition

Top 6 UNSDGs Focus:

  1. #16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

  2. #13 Climate Action

  3. #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

  4. #12 Responsible Consumption

  5. #4 Quality Education

  6. #3 Good Health & Well Being

6. Top 10 Takeaway Skills:

  1. 1. Communications:

  2. Nailing that pitch, acing debates, and writing resolutions like a boss.
  3. 2. Collaboration:

  4. Whether it's folding cranes for peace or crafting sustainable Christmas decorations, these clubs know the power of teamwork.
  5. 3. Prioritizing:

  6. Balancing books, debates, and global projects – these high school heroes are pros at setting priorities.
  7. 4. Organization:

  8. From scheduling club events to managing social media, these clubs are the masters of organization.
  9. 5. Marketing:

  10. ʻAiea and Farrington are proving that marketing isn't just for big brands – it's a skill every club should master!
  11. 6. Recruitment:

  12. Bringing in new faces and fresh ideas? That's recruitment, and these clubs are killing it.
  13. 7. Problem Solving:

  14. Whether it's tackling global issues or figuring out the best way to clean up a beach, these clubs are problem-solving wizards.
  15. 8. Taking Responsibility:

  16. From fundraising for Maui to actively participating in global events, these clubs take responsibility for making a positive impact.
  17. 9. Diplomacy:

  18. Handling debates with grace, advocating for policies, and spreading awareness – these high schoolers are the diplomats of the future!
  19. 10. Gardening:

  20. Green Thumbs at St. Andrew's: The Priory and Punahou are showing us that gardening isn't just about growing plants; it's about growing sustainable communities and teaching younger generations about the importance of the environment.


7. Overall Challenges: Navigating the High Seas of Club Leadership

Being a high school hero isn't always smooth sailing; it comes with its fair share of challenges. Let's uncover the real talk behind the scenes as these clubs confront and conquer some common hurdles.

Communication Conundrum:

The heartbeat of any club is communication, but it's not always a walk in the park. Officers juggle the challenge of effective communication between themselves and with members. Who's responsible for what and when can become a puzzle that needs solving. The solution? Consider hosting officers-only meetings where the brainpower of the leaders can align like constellations.
Pro Tip: Use the leadership deck to define clear roles and responsibilities. Creating a streamlined process based on communication needs ensures everyone is on the same page.

Recruitment and Retention Riddles:

Recruitment might be the first dance, but keeping members on the floor is a dance of its own. Clubs excel at bringing in new faces, but the challenge lies in retaining those excited souls. The aroma of food might be an excellent meeting draw, but sustainability can be tricky.
Pro Tip: Think small and think smart. Consider organizing a small fundraiser to build a fund for snack purchases. Laulima (many hands working together) is the key – rotate responsibilities for getting snacks, ensuring it doesn't always fall on one person.
Facing these challenges head-on, these clubs prove that leadership isn't just about successes; it's about overcoming obstacles and growing stronger together. As they say, it's not the wind that determines your destination; it's the set of your sail. And these high school heroes are setting theirs for success! 



8. Measuring Club Impact:

How do you gauge the ripple effect of these incredible high school clubs? Brace yourselves for some jaw-dropping numbers that prove these clubs aren't just making noise; they're creating a symphony of positive impact!


- Estimated 670+ Local Youth Impacted:

PAAC clubs aren't just about their members; they're touching the lives of over 670 local youth through combined projects and volunteer services. That's more than just a club; it's a movement making waves in the community!


- 600+ Students Reached through Free Book Distribution:

Knowledge is power, and these clubs are empowering minds. A whopping 600+ students have been reached through their free book distribution program. Talk about spreading the love for literature and learning!


- 30+ Middle School Students Informed on Hawaii’s Legislative Branch:

Education is the key to informed citizenship. These clubs are unlocking doors for 30+ middle school students by providing lessons on Hawaii’s legislative branch. Building future leaders, one lesson at a time!


- 40+ Students Engaged in Youth-Chaired Debates:

When it comes to fostering critical thinking and global awareness, these clubs are front and center. They've engaged 40+ students across 6 schools in youth-chaired debates on local and global issues. Debates aren't just about words; they're about shaping perspectives- maybe even our own!
The impact isn't just a number; it's a testament to the dedication and passion of these high school heroes. Keep making waves, and let the world feel the positive tremors of your incredible efforts! enlightenedsmiley

9. Ripples of Impact!

Let's unite in fostering a culture of leadership, collaboration, and positive change. Your donation can be the catalyst for future achievements, turning dreams into reality. Together, we can amplify the impact of these clubs and leadership programs, creating a brighter and more empowered tomorrow.
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