Voices of Leadership: Insights and Reflections from the LEAD Summit

Monday, September 11, 2023
Embarking on a journey of leadership and growth, the second weekend of September marked a significant milestone for PAAC as we proudly hosted our inaugural Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Summit. A transformative three-day retreat meticulously crafted for our Club Officers, the event unfolded as a captivating narrative of collaboration, inspiration, and community-building. If you missed the chance to be part of this enriching experience, read on for an immersive recap, and who knows, you might spot familiar faces in the moments captured below.

Day 1: Building the Foundations of Leadership

The summit kicked off with a dynamic first day, as participants delved into innovative activities aimed at fortifying our sense of community. Teaming up with Winners' Camp, a locally acclaimed leadership academy, our officers engaged in a series of team-building games. These activities were more than just fun and games; they were a strategic exercise promoting effective communication, trust-building, and a deeper understanding of the global challenges we collectively face.


Day 2: Inspiring Global Citizenship

In collaboration with the East-West Center, Day 2 unfolded with an immersive experience at the Hawaiʻi Youth Summit. Themed "Inspiring Global Citizenship," this day connected our officers with the next generation of leaders hailing from over 20 countries. Engaging breakout sessions focused on global citizenship provided a platform for shared perspectives and insights. The highlight of the day was a moving speech by East-West Center's President, Suzanne Vares-Lum, who shared her personal journey, leaving a lasting impact on all in attendance.



Day 3: Planning for the Future

As the summit approached its final day, our officers dove into a detailed exploration of the year ahead, setting the stage for impactful plans and initiatives. To further solidify the bonds within our community, officers participated in a trust fall activity with Winners' Camp. This culminating exercise served as a poignant reminder of the essence of leadership – trust, collaboration, and the profound importance of mutual support.
The LEAD Summit was more than an event; it was a transformative experience that empowered our Club Officers to envision and shape the future of PAAC leadership. As we bid farewell with the Hawaiian saying 'A hui hou' – until we meet again – we carry forward the lessons learned, connections forged, and a renewed commitment to leadership excellence. Here's to the journey ahead, Club Officers!"


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