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PAAC membership enables you to be an informed and engaged global citizen while investing in Hawaii’s youth. The heart of PAAC’s high school program is to develop students’ critical thinking, leadership, and other 21st century skills, so they see themselves as global citizens who contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable world.


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  •  Invitations to PAAC’s Executive Forums with discounted entry Quarterly PAAC Newsletter, The Globe
  •  The Economist - $101.49 per year (51 issues), 72% off newsstand price Includes full access to archive content
  •  Foreign Affairs - $22 per year, 50% off current subscription rate
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  •  The New Yorker - $47 per year (47 issues), 80% off newsstand price
  •  Stratfor - You are invited to experience the value of being a Stratfor subscriber through a $15 month-trial. A Stratfor subscriptions is a tool for understanding breaking news beyond the headlines. After the trial, you are eligible to continue access for one year at WAC Member special rate of $129.
  •  Washington Monthly - $14.95 per year (6 issues), 50% off current subscription rate