Global Leadership Program Explores Civic Engagement, Energy, and the Power of Networking

May 15, 2018

Civic Engagement – January 13, 2018

The Global Leadership cohort spent a day at the Hawai‘i State Capitol learning the bill-to-law process, exploring the capitol grounds, meeting advocates, and talking with legislators Sen. Laura Thielen and Rep. Andria Tupola. Students didn’t just learn about why they should be engaged citizens; they took action, writing and hand-delivering letters to their legislators to raise their concerns and share their thoughts. Speaking with legislators and advocates also helped students to view politics and politicians in a more complex and nuanced light.

“The most valuable part of the day was having the legislator panel. We got to ask questions and talk with two women who were really passionate about what they did. Prior to today, I looked at politicians as people who were fake, but today they proved me wrong.”

Renewable Energy– February 10, 2018

The cohort explored the important topic of energy and its role in international relations. They started with the basics: learning how electricity is generated and the pros and cons of different energy sources. The Hawaii Natural Energy Institute helped them understand how energy grids work and the challenges of having an isolated electricity grid in Hawai‘i. Victoria Suarez from the Ka Hei project facilitated a global trade simulation that demonstrated how resources affect international relations. The cohort was able to explore these concepts in a “net-zero” classroom at the UH Manoa College of Education’s FROG building.

Public Speaking & Networking– April 21, 2018

At the request of the cohort, Dr. Loretta Chen brought this year’s Global Leadership Program to a close. Loretta Chen is a creative and marketing director, leadership and theater professor, and best-selling author. She led a workshop on public speaking and networking, helping to dispel students’ fears of failure. The cohort had an opportunity to use these new skills later that evening at PAAC’s Scholarship Forum, where they met legislators, teachers, and PAAC’s members and Board of Governors.