Global Perspectives: Changemaking in Southeast Asia Workshop Series

December 01, 2021

To start the 2021-2022 school year, PAAC launched the Changemaking in Southeast Asia Workshop Series. Hosted in partnership with Earth Company Bali, this three-part series explored the work of Impact Heroes in Southeast Asia and provided students with inspiration for taking action at home in Hawaiʻi.

Photos courtesy of Mana Earthly Paradise

In Workshop 1, students were whisked away on an immersive virtual tour of Mana Earthly Paradise, an award-winning eco-villa in Bali, Indonesia. Their visit included stops at Mana’s sustainable villas, restaurant, and store, as well as its permaculture garden and rainwater tank.

Through it all, they got a taste of life in Indonesia and learned that tourism does not need to negatively contribute to social and environmental issues.

  • “I enjoyed the tour very much! It was really nice to have a break                             from academics and school, and even though virtually, I felt like I                         traveled to Indonesia. I appreciate and admire [Mana’s] work,                           goals, and intentions. Yay to making Earth a better place!!!”


In Workshop 2, students spent time conversing with Bella Galhos, an Impact Hero working in her home country of Timor-Leste. Bella shared her inspiring journey from growing up in Timor-Leste during the Indonesian occupation to establishing the Leublora Green School.

After hearing Bella’s story, students were left with a new perspective on the challenges that exist in the world, as well as the power of one individual to make a difference.

A freedom fighter, survivor of sexual violence, refugee, social activist, trailblazer, Presidential Advisor and an inspiration to the country, Bella Galhos is now working for the future of the children and the land of her country.

In Workshop 3, students brought their focus back home. By showcasing examples of sustainable schools around the world, then guiding students through a circularity assessment of their own schools, Tomo Hamakawa and Yo Watanabe of Earth Company inspired students to create action plans for a more sustainable future.

Overall, the Changemaking in Southeast Asia Workshop Series was designed to take students from wonder to inspiration to action and ultimately served as a reminder of the incredible power that travel (even virtual travel) can have on our imaginations.

  • “I think the most valuable thing I learned from this workshop is                              the power of actions. It made me realize that by doing sustainable                      projects—big or small—with our club, we are able to contribute in                      making our community and our planet healthier and prettier!”