Making Positive Contributions to the Community Through Global Action Projects

May 15, 2018

Using the skills they developed throughout the program, each student in the Global Leadership Program completed a capstone Global Action Project that addresses a global issue in their community. Below are highlights of some of the projects undertaken.

Educating the Community about Oxybenzone
Luka Wohl testified at the legislature for a bill banning the use of oxybenzone in sunscreen, which passed this session. He also created a poster to educate tourists on the dangers of oxybenzone and is working with Rep. Creagan and the Department of Transportation to have it displayed in airports.

Organizing Community Drives
Six students independently organized community drives to support Hawaii Foodbank, Aloha Harvest, Friends of the Library of Hawaii, and Child and Family Services’ Domestic Violence Shelter. In total, they donated 1,242 pounds of food; 455 books and 111 school supplies; and $2,000 worth of toiletries, hygiene products, blankets, and towels.

Ocean Pollution Workshop for Elementary Students
Mika Odaira facilitated a workshop at Waiakea Elementary to teach students about Sustainable Development Goal #14 Life Below Water, focusing on ocean pollution (pictured top). The 4th grade class’ favorite activity was trying to separate oil and water, demonstrating how difficult it is to remove pollutants from the ocean. 

"Zero Hunger" Art Project and Workshop
School to create an assignment to help her peers learn about Sustainable Development Goal #2 Zero Hunger. The class created visual representations of SDG #2 Zero Hunger. Portia also led a workshop where she facilitated an activity about global hunger.