Professional Exchange for 70 visitors from 41 countries

August 01, 2015

PAAC continues to build bridges, one handshake at a time, as the Hawaii coordinator for the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program, the International Visitor Leadership Program. This summer, PAAC hosted more than 70 international visitors (IVs) from 41 countries to meet with their American counterparts on themes such as Disaster Management, Climate Change & Renewable Energy, Green Tech, National Security, Immigration & Human Rights, and Protecting Natural Resources.  If you are interested in hosting visitors for dinner, please contact Niki Shishido at 944-7783 or

Upcoming Projects
*Curating History: Facing the Past, 3 visitors from Japan, Sept. 15 – 19
*Defense, Foreign Policy, Clean Energy & Environmental Sustainability, A project for UK, Oct. 21 – 24
*Disaster Management & Emergency Relief, 10 visitors from Nepal, Oct. 14 – 17

IVs at the site of Pakini Wind Farm- the geographically southern-most wind farm in the U.S. 

IVs met with Director Jobie Masagatani and Deputy Director William Aila, Jr. at the Department of Hawaiian Homelands. After the meeting, one visitor said, "The influence of Hawaiian tradition and culture on the agency's energy policy was inspiring."