Students Reflect on Pandemic

October 27, 2020

Students in PAAC's after-school global studies class at Kaimuki High have been learning about pandemics this month.  Below are some of their creative reflections. 

Mask Poem: By Hi'ilani Kahawai
Kaimuki High, Grade 10

Wear a mask,
It’s not a hard task
If you don’t have one,
Might as well ask

As repetitive as it may seem,
I’m sure you’ll agree,
With keeping your immune system clean

And even when you can’t breath,
Or you start to feel your pores opening up
Due to the immense amount of sweat,
Don’t fret,
This is a shared suffocation…
And it is better than death

Protect the young,
Protect the old,
Protect yourself,
Without being told

So wear a mask,
When your out and about
Then maybe one day soon,
We will all be let out

Coronavirus Poem by Glory Ann Tolomaata
Kaimuki High, Grade 12

So many lives lost,
Is going out worth the cost?
Government repeats they begin to exhaust
The more we don’t listen, the more we restart
So please wear your mask, stay inside or 6ft apart.

 Coronavirus Poem and Poster by Kathleen Sos
Kaimuki High, Grade 11

People dying
Family crying
Tourists On the beach
Empty shopping malls
Toilet paper out of stock
When will it end
When will it be normal again


Poem by Ruby Ellene Cooper
Kaimuki High, 10th grade

Washing for 20s is key
To keep your hands squeaky clean

Hand sanitizer will also do
To stop the germs from attacking you!

When outside remember to wear your mask
So those around you feel relaxed

Also be sure to stand six feet away
And give your neighbors a distant wave

All these task seem like a lot
But we need them to make covid 19 stop!