Sustainable Business Practices: Global Leadership Program Workshop

February 18, 2017

For the Global Leadership Program cohort's fourth full day workshop, they examined their role in the global economy through chocolate.  After visiting a cacao farm in Kahaluu and a chocolate factory in Kailua, students compared the ways in which local efforts to produce chocolate contrast—environmentally, ethically, socially, economically, and politically—with industrial cacao operations halfway around the world.  The experience empowered students to be more conscious consumers. 

“Today made me more aware of the products I am buying/consuming and has influenced me to be a more conscious consumer.”

“It really opened my eyes about being a consumer and how everything I purchase has an impact on everyone that was involved in the process.”


Workshop Highlights: 

· Farm tour of Green Fields Nursery, a farm in Kahaluu, Oahu that grows cacao beans. 

“The passion Ben had for his plants and for the environment was really eye-opening.”


· Factory tour of Manoa Chocolate, a local chocolate company that sells ethically-sourced, high-quality chocolate from around the world, including Hawaii.  Students learned how chocolate is made and compared the taste of chocolate from different regions throughout the world. 

“It really opened my eyes to the sourcing for products I use every day.  It gives me initiative to look for fair trade labels and ask questions about sourcing ethically.”