Exploring Unity and Growth: Highlights from the LEAD Workshop

Monday, January 22, 2024

LEAD Workshop 2024

The recent LEAD Workshop on January 20th was a remarkable experience, delving into three foundational concepts that emerged during our time in the loʻi at Ka Papa Loʻi ʻo Kānewai: Laulima (cooperation - working together), Mālama (reciprocal care for the land and our community), and Puʻuhonua (a safe place of refuge). Our workshop brought together 45 Club Officers from 16 schools across three islands- Oʻahu, Maui and Hawaiʻi.


Laulima - Cooperation:

Our exploration of teamwork in the loʻi emphasized the inherent power of collaboration. Laulima goes beyond achieving common goals; it strengthens the bonds within our PAAC community, highlighting the value of working together.

Mālama - Reciprocal Care:

Tending to the land and garden provided insights into the profound connection between caring for our surroundings and the reciprocal care we receive in return. Mālama extends beyond the physical space, emphasizing the importance of fostering a nurturing environment within our broader community.

Puʻuhonua - A Safe Place:

The loʻi transformed into more than a working space; it became a refuge. Puʻuhonua encapsulates the idea that within this community, we find shelter and support. Our collaborative efforts in this space underscore the significance of creating a haven for shared growth.
Beyond the loʻi, back at the East-West Center, our students engaged in learning from each other's successes and challenges, as shared during the club shares (see club updates here). Clubs are thriving, managing multiple projects, and benefiting from PAAC’s United Nations Sustainable Development Goals curriculum (explore it here).
Despite diverse focuses, each club encounters common challenges: communication, member recruitment, and retention. Recognizing these shared hurdles not only strengthens our unity but also opens avenues for collaborative problem-solving.
For a detailed overview of the LEAD Workshop and access to resources and reminders, you can review our event slides here.
The LEAD Workshop showcased the power of collaboration, the significance of reciprocal care, and the creation of a safe space for growth. We look forward to carrying these principles forward as we navigate challenges, celebrate successes, and embark on future endeavors together.
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